Through the campaign, numerous NGOs working together with sex employees and males who’ve sex with

Through the campaign, numerous NGOs working together with sex employees and males who’ve sex with

Gay guys Fighting AIDS British established a news campaign in March 2006 with posters showing photographs of homosexual guys separately or perhaps in couples supporting positive, frank, intercourse tips or strategies for healthy, fun relationships. ( .)

Together with Naz Foundation Global additionally took actions to get rid of pity from safer intercourse messaging. Naz aims to enhance the health that is sexual peoples legal rights of marginalised males who possess intercourse with guys and their lovers and families in Southern Asia. Although social limitations restrict sex-positive projects in the area, Naz encourages its task partners to set up talks on sex, safer intercourse and pleasure. an intercourse flyer that is positive available with information and diagrams about pleasure and safer intercourse, roles and the body understanding ( ).

Revolutionary lube and condom advertising in Cambodia

Cambodia is amongst the few nations on earth where targeted HIV avoidance and condom usage campaigns have already been documented as major good reasons for the decrease in HIV prevalence. 15 The government’s 100% condom policy in commercial establishments, mainly brothels, is commonly recognised being an important basis for this decrease. 16 Population solutions International (PSI) Cambodia introduced its Number One model of condoms in 1994 along side an awareness-raising campaign; these are the most favored condoms in Cambodia, representing 80% associated with condom market. In 2002, these were obtainable in 97% of most brothels in Cambodia.

Throughout the campaign, numerous NGOs dealing with intercourse workers and males who possess intercourse with males in Cambodia identified the necessity for affordable, water-based lubricants to aid to improve the convenience and effectiveness of condoms and thus encourage their usage. The necessity for lubricant among both male and sex that is female had been most pronounced during festivals like the Water Festival, whenever intercourse employees do have more consumers per evening. Based on Dr Chawalit of Family wellness International (FHI): “With no lubes, they cannot utilize condoms, to be able to reduce intercourse acts with drunken customers.” Whenever PSI staff visited a Khmera center in Svay Pak, a brothel area near Phnom Penh, the hospital staff indicated a need that is urgent lubricants for regional sex employees. PSI Cambodia discovered that after having numerous and rapid sex functions in a short span of the time with various customers, intercourse employees could experience disquiet, also discomfort, when regularly utilizing condoms, since they were not able to create sufficient normal lubrication. Insufficient stimulation and emotional despair contributed to genital dryness too. This occasionally resulted in condom breakage and a rise in vaginal tearing, thus increasing the threat of STI/HIV transmission.

Guys who possess sex with males had been additionally an important population that is high-risk of high amounts of unsafe sex, due at the least in part to discomfort with and failure of condoms.

Without lubrication, there was a threat of condom breakage and tearing of this anal liner, which advances the danger of HIV transmission. Anecdotal proof from two non-profit organisations employed in intimate and health that is reproductive Cambodia, FHI and Khana, the Cambodian partner associated with Global HIV/AIDS Alliance, recommended that males widely used oil-based lubricants with condoms, such as for instance locks oil, cooking oil or petroleum ointment, to help relieve penetration. This can be dangerous because oil-based lubricants harm latex while increasing the possibility of breakage.

Water-based lubricant will not prevent HIV transmission as a stand-alone item. Thus, PSI Cambodia packaged a lubricant alongside the true number one condom to produce quantity One Plus. PSI packaged two sachets of water-based lubricant by having a packet of four no. 1 condoms. Each 6 cc. sachet had been sufficient for 2 sex functions making use of two various condoms. It was a perfect solution to build from the rise in popularity of the top brand name, and reinforce making use of water-based lube with condoms. The funds saved by combining these products also paid down the price.

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