I attempted the forward range mount on mine and hated it. Shot a fantastic, fat doe with available places the very first time we ever hunted with my Ruger Scout.

I attempted the forward range mount on mine and hated it. Shot a fantastic, fat doe with available places the very first time we ever hunted with my Ruger Scout.

I’ve hunted with a Remington BDL Model 700 Varmint Special utilizing the bull that is heavy for my life and discovered the Scout a pleasure to take with you. I’ve always felt the extra weight made me personally an improved offhand shooter also it does. BTW, we don’t reside in the hills and I also don’t intend on fending from the North Koreans with my Scout- I have actually other rifles and measures for house security like 180 Bull Mastiffs. This Jeff Cooper man should have been one heck of a dude- he’s still being discussed after he’s very long gone. Their blueprints are mighty important to lot of individuals still hung through to what’s regarded as the right scout rifle. The rifle that is perfect the main one you are able to shoot well with and hit what on earth you’re aiming for- in the event that you can’t be rid of it! Simply my estimation. I’ve got venison during my locker and that’s all of the evidence i would like- and my weapon images 3 shots effortlessly under an inches from my work work bench remainder. We shot my doe freehand at about 60 yards and she dropped inside her songs. My “go-to” caliber could be the .308 Winchester in order that’s what we went with in this rifle. Good review- carry on with the work that is good!

180 Mastiffs may seem like a whole lot. How can you feed dozens of dogs?

Why the AR height optics on a stock design that will require optics become near the barrel bore? High AR optics don’t work nicely for the shooter on usually rifles that are stocked.

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My Ruger Scout shot 4- 3 round sets of 1/2″, 3/8″,1/2″ plus one 5/8″. We utilized a lead sled and mounted up my Night Force 5.5-22×50 NXS range. This scope was used by me for the magnification as my eyes are becoming old. We mounted the range conventional style and necessary to get rid of the scout picatiny train. Then I utilized (in my opinion these does cougar life really work were Leupold) 30mm rings to clear the 50mm objective lens. We used the next size up in height.

Ammunition used was Buffalo Bore excellent 75 Grn “sniper” ammo. We fired 3 circular teams as that ended up being the mag I experienced. The trigger while stock had been really pretty nice for a factory any such thing trigger. small creep and a pleasant sharp break. We don’t have actually a trigger pull gauge but think the trigger broke around 5 pounds.

State what you would for the Scout Rifle by Ruger however for me the stout little 16 barrel plus inch shoots very well! In reality I suspect it shoots such tight groups because it is faster than your typical 22″ slimmer profile barrels. The harmonics affect on an extended barrel will adversely impact precision. while for a smaller stouter barrel that impact could be minimal. Well that is my tale in any manner.

This rifle now sits in my own vehicle put up as she had been meant. A rifle that may do almost any such thing she is needed by me to. We replaced the evening Force having a Leupold 1.5-5 scout rifle range had been Ruger and Jeff Cooper meant, ahead associated with chamber. I’ve additionally selected up more mags that are poly Rugers web site. I’ve added a couple of 10 round in addition to a few 5 rounders. I ran across as you are able to really top these down with the bolt available. That has been the intention of “Jeff” Cooper.

I’ll be using my grandson Deer hunting this New 12 months. Their hunt that is first with or G-Pa while he calls me. He can go back home with a Deer and A ruger that is new scout put up only for him. Yah I love these Rifles.

I’m 60 and will hump this all time in canyon nation. But I’m old school…

We have shot the Ruger Scout and I also enjoy it but my own option for a truck/farm/survival weapon continues to be a 30 30 lever action. In my opinion I can run a gun that is lever compared to a bolt. We think it is faster and easier to top from the mag by thumbing cartridges to the part gate rather than detach the mag. My lever gun, a Mossberg 464, is not hard to undertake and comes to your neck effortlessly. Together with iron internet web internet sites are sufficient for such a thing it would be needed by me for. I have very successfully tried it for searching and also as a varmint gun and I also think she could be held by her very own in a fire battle, but that is all simply my opinion/ preferance. Every body are basing your viewpoint of just what a scout rifle must be from the opinion/preference of 1 man, simply opt for the platform you might be more comfortable with. We don’t think there was one solitary concept of the scout that is perfect, it just is dependent on anyone shooting it.

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