As soon as you operate Needy. When you function Needy towards a woman. could it be ball game over with this woman?

As soon as you operate Needy. When you function Needy towards a woman. could it be ball game over with this woman?

Don Juan

When you operate blackfling Needy towards a lady. will it be ball game over with that girl?? Yes, you are understood by me move on but.

No possibility in hell as time goes by? No comeback or redemption?


Don Juan

The main reason i am asking is once again i have been sarcastically asking this girl away on times being flirty along with her ignoring my texts. realizing that she actually is in a relationship. I have called her away in a way that is funny ignoring them. I may came across as needy but I becamen’t at all. It had been sarcasm. and I also did apologize to her if it arrived throughout the way that is wrong.

Again the backdrop, we realize each other well. She was asked by me away but she got in along with her boyfriend. It absolutely was timing that is just bad once more she actually is nevertheless emotionally connected to the guy. Now this woman is split up with him once again. and I also’m permitting that one aim for a longgg time.

We still talk but to any extent further I will maybe not start it.


Master Don Juan

? Yes, i am aware you move on but.

No possibility in hell as time goes on? No redemption or comeback?

Don Juan

She and we both understand. whenever we come in public together with individuals around, etc. there is certainly immediate chemistry. Men and women have stated you guys have actually lots of guys fight like a married few..and she’ll always gravitate towards me personally once we see one another and I also do not provide her that much attention.

It is simply that individuals see one another as soon as in a moon that is blue. very infrequently..i mean long stretches of maybe not seeing one another.

Despite the fact that i did not act needy. however it might attended across when I did. We nevertheless think the two of us understand we’ve one thing right here.

The timing might never be appropriate.

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Acting needy is simply experiencing like a persons are needed by you attention, and then exceeding board in looking to get it. You feel insecure you the attention you crave, so you push harder to try and get it because you feel that that person doesn’t give. if you are pleased, than you may not feel needy.

However the thing with needy individuals is the fact that they should never be pleased, therefore in the long run their partner is switched off towards the endless battle.

Having said that, in the event that you actually just enjoy being together with her, and she enjoys you too, then do not worry about being too needy. Simply have fun. be satisfied

Me personally and my gf talk everyday, considering that the time we came across, and do not when has she called me needy, nor considered me personally as a result.

she states she actually is the needy one lol. wtf?

Tha Realnezz

Master Don Juan


Master Don Juan
Master Don Juan

Such a thing is achievable.

The thing is that guys think they could make themselves look uneedy rapidly. It generally does not work that way.

It can take persistence.

Often weeks, months, also years.

The theory will be perhaps not ‘appear’ uneedy but to truly be uneedy and get to better things. She does if she comes around. If not, fuc* it.

As an example, a years that are few I became young and ignorant. Some chick liked me personally, nonetheless we smothered her. It got genuine nasty, she explained to stop calling her and therefore ‘yeah you are attractive, but I am maybe not your mother’ variety of deal.

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